Oak Ridge Hardwoods, through our logging and forestry activities, markets high quality Veneer, Stave and Quarter Sawn logs. If interested in buying logs from us, please contact the office at 865-435-0054 


Oak Ridge Hardwoods manufactures high quality all natural hardwood bark mulch. No chemicals or dies are used. Mulch is aged and turned to create a an attractive looking dark mulch. Mulch can be sold by the pickup truck or trailer load. Course unaged mulch is also available for areas that need a more substantial ground cover that last longer than the aged mulch.  

family owned over 40 years

- Buying standing timber

- Tennessee Master Logger

- Green and KD Lumber

- Mulch and bedding


Oak Ridge Hardwoods produces high quality Appalachian hardwoods. Species include Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Ash, Hickory. Lumber produced at our Oak Ridge mill are rough cut and green. Certain species are available in tractor trailer loads from our contract kiln facility located in London, KY. 

Playground Bedding

Oak Ridge Hardwoods manufactures all natural wood fiber playground bedding. This material is manufactured from virgin wood fiber reducing the risk of metal and other materials that are present in playground bedding made from other items like recycled pallets. IPEMA certified product is available through our partner Zeager Brothers Inc.