Marshall Kessell

Marshall is the Sales Manager for Oak Ridge Hardwoods. Contact him for all your lumber needs.

Premier Provider


Oak Ridge Hardwoods wants to be the premier provider of forestry services and lumber in the East Tennessee region. 

We deliver a complete harvest plan for your timber sale, designed to maximize your personal goals whether it be monetary return, forest health or wildlife. We will execute the complete timber harvest, assuring that all management guidelines and environmental requirements are met.

We are a provider of the highest quality Appalachian hardwood lumber. Our lumber will be well manufactured and on grade o meet our customers demands every time.

Our Story

Our Mission

Our Team

Chris Keziah

President of Oak Ridge Hardwoods.

Brandon Ketner

Brandon is Operations Manager for the sawmill. A graduate of Haywood Tech, and with  years of experience, He assures quality manufacturing of our products

Founded on Principles


Oak Ridge Hardwoods was founded in 1978 by Randy Keziah, after a long career in the hardwood lumber industry. The companies goal was to produce the best quality lumber, from the worlds best hardwood resource, the Appalachian Forests.

After The passing of Randy Keziah in 1999, his son Chris Keziah took over as President of the company. Chris is a 1992 graduate of the University of Tennessee, and has over 25 years experience in the hardwood lumber industry. He has served on the board of directors for the Appalachian Hardwood Manufactures, including a term as the Chairman. He also serves on the Tennessee Forestry Association board of directors.  

Josh Biggerstaff

Josh is a Masters graduate in Forestry from UT Knoxville, as well as being Tennessee Master Logger Trained.  Let him put his Forestry experience and education to work helping execute your timber harvest.

family owned over 40 years

- Buying standing timber

- Tennessee Master Logger

- Green and KD Lumber

- Mulch and bedding